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Ana Inspires

If you have the chance to work with her, RUN – don’t walk – to make it happen!

“Ana Caban is a breath of fresh air when it comes to wellness. She is so much more than just a fitness personality. She inspires people to live their most amazing  life ever – or as she calls it, “La Buena Life”! Her DVDs, private training, and group coaching programs have transformed millions of lives and I recommend them to all my clients! If you have the chance to work with her, RUN – don’t walk – to make it happen!”


Cynthia Pasquella, CCN, CHLC, CWC

The Transformational Nutritionist

My confidence is through the roof…

“Before I had my second child I discovered Gaiam’s Pilates for beginners with Ana Cabán. I loved this new (to me) method of exercise and soon moved to Ana’s Cardio Pilates. In a matter of 3 months my body was in remarkable shape and at 5′ 7” I weighed a healthy and slender 130 pounds. But baby number 2 took a toll on my mind and health and I wound up weighing near 235 pounds…With the encouragement of my husband and the knowledge of what Ana helped me achieve in the past, I dusted off my Cardio Pilates DVD and greatly modified my diet…Today, I weigh 170 and the weight is falling off every week…Ana’s instructions and reminders to apply my Pilates concepts everywhere I go have shaped my body into a curvy, capable, ball of muscle. My allergies and asthma are all but gone. My confidence is through the roof. And my husband is very pleased.

Thank you Ana, for hanging out and helping me surprise myself every day!”

Sherae O’Shaunessey Eureka, CA

A Fantastic Dynamic Super Woman…

“Ana Caban owns the secrets of La Buena Life.

I am consistently in awe of Ana’s sheer never-ending energy
and how effortlessly she balances it all…
A Fantastic Dynamic Super Woman.”

IDalis De Leon, Branding Media Coach/Career Strategist, IDalis Media

She has changed my life in ways big and small…

“Ana is the real deal – an inspiration in life and work.  A woman grounded in optimism and joy for life.  She has changed my life in ways big and small.”

Giselle Achecar, Eco-Rico creator

A fabulous guru…

“Ana has a spirit and energy that is infectious and real. She’s a woman deeply rooted in herself and her culture….She spreads that message of being who you are, being true to who you are and celebrating who you are…. She encourages … inspires … and wants you to live the good life.  She’s a fabulous guru.  She walks the walk and talks the talk.”

Actress/Comedienne/TV Host Kim Coles, Los Angeles, CA

Ana has become my role model…

Ana’s feel good, look good, do good philosophy has become an important part of my approach to life’s ups and downs and challenges me on a daily basis…Ana has become my role model for staying fit, keeping myself in good shape and maintaining a positive attitude.”

Nadina Rauf, Rome, Italy

An amazing, amazing guru…

“If you’re looking to feel good, look good and do good this is the lady for you. She’s an amazing, amazing guru of finding yourself, developing yourself and becoming who you want to become… (With Ana) you realize balance in all the different components of your life and feel good an in all of them and that’s truly the ultimate objective, to be happy”.

Actor Tony Plana, New York, NY

Her positivity and enthusiasm radiated through the screen…

“Ana Cabán inspires me by proving that you can be a success in so many areas of your life by believing in yourself, putting in the work and loving what you do… all the while keeping a smile on your face.

A few years ago, a friend of mine gave me a copy of one of Ana’s Pilates fitness DVDs… I was so impressed with Ana’s energy.  Her positivity and enthusiasm radiated through the screen and I felt almost as if I knew her; as if she could be one of my girlfriends.  I was also proud of the fact that she is latina promoting a healthy lifestyle. Her presence on screen, although friendly was also one that commanded respect. She knew what she was talking about… I believe that Ana’s inspiring nature through that single DVD program is what helped snap me back into focus; it allowed me to step back take a deep breath and strive for La Buena Life. “

Barbara Roman, San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico

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