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Do You Have F.O.M.O.?

Submitted by on December 23, 2010 - 11:54 pm

There is a name for the person who goes for it all, has to be moving all the time, and never turns anything down. According to Speaker, Life Coach and author Deborah Deras, that would be an adrenaline addict. This person has F.O.M.O., the Fear of Missing Out, and usually had a long “to do” list. You know this person (perhaps it’s even you), the one who needs to be involved in everything because they honestly feel that their life will be lacking in some way, if they are not. So, what they do is say “yes” to everything, over-scheduling, multi-tasking, over-stressing and actually getting less done. With today’s technology, it’s so easy to do. And even if their intuition tells them not to overload their schedule or multi-task, they do. Research shows that multi-tasking not only slows you down but actually makes you less effective. While you’re in the midst of a task a simple distraction like a phone call can set you back as much as 45 minutes in re-gaining your concentration. Yikes! And I’m not talking about taking the call. Even just looking at the phone to see who’s calling, can break your concentration.

Deborah has some great techniques for achieving more with less effort. One of them is making a “let go list”. Rather than making a “to do” list she recommends writing a list each day of things that are “zapping your energy”. (You know, the ones tied to that negative voice in your head). She suggests trusting your intuition and writing down at least one thing (i.e. activity or thought) that you could let go of that day. By letting go of this item you will be less stressed and achieve more with less effort. She also suggests scheduling “white space” into your calendar. We are usually so busy squeezing things into our schedules that we forgot to leave ourselves time to regroup and recharge. That’s why Deborah suggests literally scheduling periods of rest, which she calls “grace time” into your day. That way you will have the energy to actually DO the things on your calendar.

So slow down! No more “mañana wanna”, says Deborah. Stay in the present, follow your intuition, be in your body, not in your head, and do what moves you even if that’s taking a nap.
As a recovering adrenaline addict, Deborah Deras knows what it takes to be able to balance it all and achieve more with less effort.

For more tips on how to do the same, check out her appearance on last Friday’s “Cafecito”. Click Here to listen to the show!

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