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Spring Cleaning for Your Body and Soul

Submitted by on May 17, 2011 - 5:57 pm

Spring is in full swing. It’s the time of everything anew.  So why not clean up, (i.e. change up), your workout routine, too?  I often do.  There is nothing like adding a little variety to your workout routine to keep it interesting, keep your body challenged and keep your spirit alive.  Plus, the last thing that you want to do is plateau right as the summer approaches.  Here are 3 quick & easy steps to clean up that old, tired routine of yours and infuse it with energía and fun.

  1. Take it outside!  Chances are that you have been cooped up for the better part of the past 6 months.  Get your nalgas (behind) outside and have some fun!  That could be walking/jogging, biking, rollerblading, hiking, jumping rope, skipping or dancing.  It’s makes no difference.  Just get outdoors and let the sun energize you.  Don’t forget your SPF, of course.  🙂
  2. Try something new!  Do an experiment and try out several new workouts over the course of a week or two.  See which ones you enjoy the most and add them to your usually routine, or replace one of your old workouts with a new one.  (Just don’t replace your Pilates.  LOL)  😉
  3. Create your own workout!  If you were to create the next workout craze, what would it look like?  Morph together your favorite moves and try it out!  You might be on to something.  If it doesn’t become the next P90X at least you will have discovered what really makes YOU move!

Enjoy the spring, because before you know it it’ll be over and summer (and your bikini) will be here!

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