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Top 5 Benefits of Aerial Fitness

Submitted by on December 12, 2013 - 11:35 pm

By Guest Blogger Jill Franklin

Jill is a Priceless Pilates Success Coaching member

and the creator of Aerial Physique


Have you ever dreamed of being able to do a pull up? I did as well, once upon a time. With consistent aerial classes, within just a couple of months you will be able to compete with the guys in the pull up department. Your core muscle are worked a tremendous amount from lifting your legs over your head, as well as in climbing. I have practiced Pilates, ballet and yoga for years, all which are amazing, but nothing has given me more strength in my upper body and core than aerial work.


In aerial work you have another appendage to deal with… the fabric! In the beginning, figuring out how to wrap your wrists, feet and waist around the fabric seems like a life-size puzzle. It can be a bit confusing but, just like learning anything, new practice makes perfect. Your first time upside down you’ll notice that it’s a lot more challenging than being right side up. When we go in an inversion our brain has to work harder to achieve the task at hand. Plus, everything seems backwards. We aren’t sure which way is forward which is back and it’s easy to lose track of your right and left. In time your body adapts and you notice how much more body awareness you have, even when you’re right side up!


Aerial work is an art form, as well as an exercise program. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve had a taste of ballet, gymnastics and Pilates, all in one. You definitely won’t feel like it was your typical gym workout or run on the treadmill. The good news is, without feeling like you were “working out”, I guarantee you will wake up 2 days later and feel muscles in your arms, core and back you never knew you had!


Although we need gravity to keep us grounded, it can also be to blame for the signs of aging and compression in our bodies. It has been proven that inversions, (being upside down), help with circulation, decompressing your spine and livening up your mood. Doing aerial work, not only will your strength and flexibility improve in your physical structure, your mind and spirit will become more confident and fearless!

5. FUN!

I love watching the transformation in people during the class. They come in a bit timid and not quite sure what to expect. Within the hour I see their faces light up, laughter, fears conquered, self-esteem boosted and a new addiction to being upside down. You may arrive feeling nervous but get ready to leave feeling free and full of excitement!




What is Aerial Physique? Jill Franklin’s Aerial Physique is designed to give you the strength of a Cirque du Soleil performer, the beautiful lines of a ballet dancer and the ease of movement  of a Pilates pro. Aerial Physique uses an apparatus called “aerial silk” to achieve all of the wonderful benefits above. Aerial Silk (also known as tissue, or aerial fabric, depending on your preference) is a type of performance art, as well as a new fitness craze in which “aerialists” perform tricks and exercises while hanging from a very special fabric. Aerialists climb in various ways on the suspended fabric, wrap, invert, and spiral their bodies into and out of an array of positions. Join Jill’s program and watch your strength and flexibility increase, not only in your physical structure, but your mind & spirit. Become more confident, free and fearless! Jill offers classes in Santa Monica, California and workshops worldwide. Click here to learn more.


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