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Your Ideal Day

Submitted by on July 7, 2013 - 8:38 pm

Do you love what you do for a living, or do you wish you were doing something else? There’s nothing wrong with wishing that you were doing something else, as long as you know what it is that you’d like to do. In other words, there’s no point in staying in a situation that no longer serves you and just griping about it. The best way to get out of that situation and into another one of your choosing (whether it be a job, a relationship, a home-whatever), is to know what you’d prefer to be doing, having, living. Complaining about it won’t change the situation and until you get clear on what you DO want and put the focus of your attention THERE you will remain right here, stuck where you DON’T WANT TO BE!

Here’s a simple exercise that you can do right now, to shift your thoughts and get you in a positive and exciting zone. All that you need to do is describe your ideal workday (or relationship, home, etc). Close your eyes and describe it aloud, words are very powerful. Better yet, record your voice while you describe and it and then transcribe what you said. This is doubly powerful! Pay attention to how you feel. As you are truly seeing yourself in this ideal situation enjoy the sensation and believe that you are living it. (That way you can always come back to that feeling when you need a little redirection).

What did you say? What did you write? How far off are you from living your ideal workday or situation? Perhaps there are only a few tweaks to be made or maybe there are big changes. The exciting part is that you now KNOW what you wish you were doing (living, having). And knowing is half the battle. What steps will you take next to make that dream a reality?

Next, create a mantra, (a positive affirmation), for yourself. It might go something like this… “I NOW see myself living my ideal workday, a day filled with performing, music, dancing, cooking and dining with friends & family.” (And YES, this actually is someone’s ideal workday. Someone that is living THEIR La Buena Life). This could be you.

See, Believe, Achieve!

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