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“Pay It Forward” for Mari Winsor

Submitted by on December 29, 2014 - 7:08 pm

Most of you are familiar with my dear friend Mari Winsor, or at the least “Winsor Pilates”.  I can honestly say that Mari Winsor is the reason that Pilates is a household name. Thanks to her efforts, and tremendous success, on QVC (direct response television) I no longer have to explain to people what Pilates is.

What you may not know is that this spunky and vibrant soul was recently diagnosed with ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease). ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.  This degeneration of the nerve cells can eventually lead to loss of muscle control and paralysis.

As you can imagine, Mari is loved by Pilates instructors and enthusiasts around the globe. That’s why on Friday, January 16th some of the nations top Pilates instructors are joining me in Los Angeles in a benefit for Mari Winsor. I’m excited to be spending the day raising money, and awareness, to benefit our dear friend. Some of the amazing instructors joining me are: Jay Grimes, Brooke Siler, Jennifer Kries, Chris Robinson, Moses Urbano, Kathy Ross-Nash, Michael Levy, and more…!!!

Please join us for this important event. If you don’t live in Southern California but have friends here, please spread the word, or offer a donation. (Stay tuned for link to do so).


Please use these links to register for mat classes, private Pilates sessions with my friends and ME, or join us for the cocktail reception. (Stay tuned for link to contribute to the event!)

Mat Class Reservation

Private Lesson Reservation

Workshops and/or Cocktail — with Mari Winsor.

Can’t make the event? No worries. Link to donate, in support of Mari Winsor, coming soon!


5 Simple Ways to Incorporate More Fitness into Your Routine

Submitted by on January 26, 2014 - 7:19 pm

A few months back I was asked by Latina magazine to share 5 simple ways to incorporate more fitness into a daily routine. Here’s what I shared:

1. ¡Horario, Baby! Schedule it! Give your workouts (and your health) as much importance as your other life events. (They’re probably even more important, in the scheme of things, because if you’re not healthy you’re of no good to anyone else, either.) Only YOU can set aside time for you. So set some time aside and exercise!

2. ¡Disfrútate! Have fun! Make it fun by joining a friend. Instead of cocktails take a walk together. Women thrive in a community.

3. ¡Camina, Chica! Walk, Girl! Park father from your destination and walk (to work, the mall, etc).

4. ¡Sube! Take the stairs, (or park farther from your destination), whenever possible.

5. ¡Pon to smartphone a trabajar! Make your smartphone work for you! Join an online workout program that you can access from any device, including your smartphone. Learn more about my new online program here!


Pilates & Cross Training

Submitted by on March 23, 2013 - 1:26 am

We’re about to start the new year, when everyone jumps on the bandwagon to shed the holiday pounds, and perhaps the additional weight that they put on earlier in the year. I’m all about people exercising, whatever their motivation. What worries me, however is how people jump into all kinds of extreme workouts without the required flexibility and core strength to do those types of exercise safely. That’s where Pilates comes in as the answer to building strength, flexibility and body awareness.  Because Pilates is “mind/body” exercise, (or as I prefer to refer to it, “conscious movement”), it really helps people become more “in tune” with their bodies. Being in tune with your body helps you know your limitations, strengths and weaknesses, when it comes to attempting any type of exercise, or endeavor.


I love Pilates, and I love cross training. My typical workout week includes studio cycling classes, Pilates mat & equipment workouts, ballet barre class and weight training. When I have the time I also like to throw in a Latin dance class. But what I like best of all is the body awareness that core strength that I have from my Pilates workouts that transcend to whatever workout I may do, on any given day. Not convinced? Add Pilates into your workout routine and see how it makes anything else you do better! Get started here!

Do you cross train, too? If so, let me know what workouts you enjoy doing.