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Cardio Pilates with Ana

Submitted by on August 31, 2009 - 5:20 am

To anyone new like myself, I justed wanted to give my opinion on a couple of Ana’s videos. First off, I love having her as my instructor even thought it’s in my living room. The pace in easy pilates was perfect. That DVD really helped to get me going in the morning, and a nice relaxing state of mind after work.
I just did my first workout to the Cardio DVD. Some of the positions were tough and man do you need a solid core to make it through the workout. WOW did this session kick my butt! I loved it, Ana really picks up the pace and takes it to a whole new level of pilates. It may be basic for someone more experienced, but it was a smooth transition for me.
The Cardio segment was awesome. What a great way to get going without killing yourself! Once I got the steps down I was having so much fun, and Ana’s little side comments keep it fun and enjoyable.
Being that I really enjoy martial arts, I found it easy to include some of my own steps to combine the workouts. Fantastic DVD, great time, highly recommended!

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  • Anonymous says:
    August 31, 2009 at 8:51 am

    Thanks for sharing your comments, Craig. I am glad that you are enjoying your workouts with me. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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