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Fabuloso Friday-OneKid OneWorld

Submitted by on March 13, 2009 - 10:30 am

The mission of OneKid OneWorld is simple: to make a difference in the lives of children in need around the globe: One world, one school, one kid, at a time. They are an education and sports based grassroots organization partnering U.S high school students with rural schools and kids in refugee camps in war torn and poverty stricken areas of the world. One soccer ball and one notebook can have a profound affect on the lives of kids who have nothing. Yes, it’s a little victory but our goal is to make all of those little victories add up to one big one. Founded in 2005 by Josh Bycel and David Brownlee, OneKid OneWorld has raised over $200,000 for schools that are barely surviving. Their goal is to figure out the schools need to stay open another day and then obtain those things.

OneKid’s first project was the Nyamasare Girls School and Orphanage in Suba, Kenya, an area that has one of the highest HIV/AIDS infection rates and one of the highest child mortality rates in all of East Africa. So far, they have accomplished the following:

• Built a new, beautiful, permanent lab/classroom that will allow the students to take national exams for the first time.

• Bought textbooks for the entire school in every subject for a generation of students (which we personally delivered).

• Bought bunk beds, mattresses and mosquito nets for the girls who live at the school.

• Built a permanent fence around the school to protect the girls.

• Sporting equipment and uniforms were donated to create the school’s first athletic program.

• Lastly, they paid school tuition for a year for over one hundred of the students.

What sets OneKid OneWorld apart from all the other non-profits out there?

There are a few things that set OneKid OneWorld apart from other non-profits:

• One: They’re small. And that’s on purpose. They know you can’t save the whole world. They are just trying to help one school at a time. Each of our projects will focus on one school and will have a clear and comprehensive plan for what that school needs.

• Two: The money goes to what the money should go to. They are a volunteer organization. Their promise is to make sure that on every project at least 95% of the donations go straight to the school.

• Three: The most important one of all; it’s about the kids. Their goal is be an organization for kids, run by kids. they want the students in the United States to find the schools in need, organize the donation drives, figure out the logistics of getting the donated goods and money to the schools and, eventually, travel to the schools to see, first hand, what a difference they can make.

OneKid OneWorld is doing (and has done) so much more than listed above. They have now expanded to El Salvador, where they are helping el Centro Escolar Caserillo Puerto El Lano in Nejapa. In 1999, land was donated to build the school. Parents, teachers and the community got together to begin construction of the school. Construction was finalized in a couple of years with government funds and support from the community and local businesses. They now have a total of FOUR classrooms. They were using TEXTBOOKS FROM 1992 until OneKid OneWorld bought NEW TEXTBOOKS for the entire school.

However, TWO of those classrooms are temporary, made from aluminum due to the damage they received from the two earthquakes in 2001. Since then, they have not had the money to rebuild the classrooms. Due to lack of funds they now have the computer room with no electricity or windows and the library is still missing windows, doors and electricity. OneKid OneWorld hopes to assist the Centro Escolar Caserillo Puerto El Lano in its repair.

To learn more about OneKid OneWorld and how you can support them, please Click Here. You can contribute money, sporting goods, school supplies and more. A contribution of $250 can send a girl to school for an entire year, at the Nyamasare Girls School and Orphanage in Suba, Kenya. (85 girls still need assistance paying for their education. Please help, if you can).

Life is short. Make a difference.

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  • Anonymous says:
    November 17, 2009 at 4:02 pm

    Go Vincent! He is such a big boy now. Enjoy every minute with him. God Bless you guys.

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