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Maravilloso Monday-Laughter

Submitted by on June 1, 2009 - 3:26 pm

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
Charlie Chaplin

The other night I was out with a bunch of moms and one of them was mentioned that her daughter was at her first sleepover. I was immediately reminded of being 5 years old and sleeping over at by best friend, Anila’s, house. Anila lived right around the corner from me. In fact, I could see her house from mine, (still can when I am visiting my parents). We were in kindergarten and we were inseparable. I don’t know what we talked about but we just giggled and giggled. I distinctly remember sleeping over at her house, in the middle of summer, when that Massachusetts humidity just hung in the air. (They must have not had air conditioning because all I remember was lying in bed, trying to fall asleep, giggling and sweating). Anila’s mother would peek her head in and tell us to settle down and go to sleep. Each time we would say “OK. We are going to sleep” and, inevitably, the giggling would start up again. The funniest thing is that, to this day, when I am trying to fall asleep anywhere really hot and sticky I still remember those days and what my mother would tell me about how to stay cool. She would say “Lie very, very still. Don’t move a muscle, not even a finger, and you will stay cool”. Anila and I would lie like mummies trying to stay cool, and each time the giggling would ensue (because the whole thing seemed so silly). Laughter is awesome! These memories still make me smile. And I know, for a fact, that Anila still giggles reminiscing about our silly times together at age 5.

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  • Anonymous says:
    June 8, 2009 at 6:38 am

    That is so cute. Thanks for the reminder to laugh. ;o)

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