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Hola, I’m Ana Cabán…

My goal is to inspire women around the world to lead healthier, more balanced and happier lives. In addition to helping women transform their own lives, I've created a line of bestselling Pilates DVDs, as well as become certified wellness coach, and radio and TV host. Read More


Just Because You’re a Service Professional Doesn’t Mean That It’s Charity Work

“The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.” Maureen Dowd
I’ve been excited to write this article for weeks now, yet each time I sit down to write it I just end up with a bunch of ideas floating all over the page. Why? Because I could go on and on about why service professionals aren’t claiming their worth and how passionate I am about changing that.

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Here are 5 of my “go to” rules for getting summertime (or anytime) fit & healthy! Start the day with a healthy breakfast. It’s so easy to blame a busy schedule, or a lack of appetite for not eating a…

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Strapped for time. Check out my latest time saving tips for wellness pros, or ANYONE, as featured in this month’s Peak Pilates Newsletter.   Time management is an interesting topic; it’s also a very important topic for service professionals because…

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5 Simple Ways to Create More Balance in Your Life

As busy professionals, entrepreneurs and super moms, we are all trying to enjoy our lives and live them on our own terms.  We want to be the best that we can with those that we interact but we can only…

Top 10 Belly Bloating Foods

How many times have you felt so bloated after a meal that you’ve had to roll yourself to the door instead of walk? Me? Too many times!!! The strange thing is, I never thought it was the food that I…

Pilates & Cross Training

We’re about to start the new year, when everyone jumps on the bandwagon to shed the holiday pounds, and perhaps the additional weight that they put on earlier in the year. I’m all about people exercising, whatever their motivation. What…